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Pallet Labelling

As the demand for more efficiency, productivity and traceability grows, the need for automatic pallet labelling systems increases, so why not save time and money by future proofing productivity with a pallet labelling system from Kelgray?  Our pallet labelling machines are not only cost effective but can be easily integrated into your current production process with minimum disruption.  They operate in accordance with GS1 standards and are available in various design specifications intended for Multiple Sided Pallet Labelling or Multi Height Pallet Labelling so no matter your business requirements, we are guaranteed to have the option for you.

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    Benefits of using an automated pallet labelling system:

    1. Remove the risk of human error – With a human production line, it’s no surprise that things can get missed and errors can occur. Assembly lines are extremely busy and fast-paced, therefore, reduce the risk by using a fully integrated pallet labelling system. These systems are accurate and efficient with high-speed consistency and little room for error. Each pallet is labelled with a 2D barcode containing human-readable text and scannable symbols which allows the automation system to easily recognise and cross reference the order to the pallet.
    2. Improved error detection – Don’t wait for a logistical nightmare or a pallet to be rejected upon arrival at its destination. With an automated pallet labelling system, any errors are picked up and dealt with immediately. An operator is notified and the issue is taken care of swiftly to avoid any unnecessary downtime or future problems.
    3. Real-time information – By using an integrated system, pallet information can be automatically adjusted within the computer system to ensure real-time information is accurate and up to date. This clever system aids traceability and operates in a time frame fast enough to keep production moving with warehouse and direct despatch demands.
    4. Greater efficiency – Avoid costly mistakes such as rejected pallets, late deliveries and poor label quality. Faster throughput rates, enhanced error detection and improved customer relations are just some of the benefits a pallet labeller provides. As the demand for greater efficiency increases, automated pallet labelling will become a crucial tool for the manufacturing industry.

    What are the pallet label requirements?

    Content – The label needs to contain both readable text and scannable symbols, which usually include things such as: supplier details, Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC), product description, product GTIN, carton quantity on pallet, plus code date information and batch number (if applicable).

    Size – The size of GS1-128 barcodes will vary according to the amount of information shown in each barcode and the width of the bars and spaces. The width of the narrowest bars and spaces, known as the x-dimension, can vary from 0.495 mm to 1.016 mm, while the height of the bars must be at least 32 mm. The maximum width of the symbol is 165 mm.

    Application – This is a key factor in pallet labelling. If the label is perfect in content and size but is placed incorrectly, the scanner will be unable to read it and the pallet will be void. Labels are typically added immediately after stretch wrapping therefore by using an automated system, the labels will be perfectly configured as per the pallet requirements.

    Pallet labelling system features:

    • Barcode verification scanner ensures all pallets are fully GSI 1 compliant
    • Each pallet can be individually configured for the number of labels and label positions as per destination
    • Multiple labels on up to 3 sides of the pallet
    • Incomplete part pallets are handled safely and easily. An Operator is notified, the issue is corrected and the system is then reset ready for the next pallet
    • One machine with easy configuration and many possibilities
    • Air conditioning unit
    • Cabinet heater
    • Touch screen interface
    • Choice of stainless steel or aluminium enclosure
    • Flexible
    • Reliable
    • Safe
    • Easy

    … To give you maximum productivity

    Why choose Kelgray?

    Quite simply put, it’s what we do. With over 45 years in the industry and a wealth of knowledge across our expert team, we can deliver the results your business needs. Kelgray’s pallet labelling systems are designed to offer a wide range of features built into two different enclosures of aluminium or stainless steel. Our pallet labelling machines deliver a flexible, reliable and easy to operate solution to ensure maximum productivity for many years to come, even in the harshest of industrial environments.

    Can’t find what you are looking for? No problem, we also offer a Bespoke Service where we can happily tailor a pallet labelling system that fits your company, just give our team a call on 01293 518733. Afterall, why hand apply your labels when you can automate with Kelgray?

    Alternatively, take a look at each of our pallet labelling products for more in-depth information on each of the processes for One Sided Pallet Labelling, Multiple Sided Pallet Labelling or Multiple Height Pallet Labelling.