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Route Companion Pro

The Ultimate Route Optimisation Software. Driving Greater Efficiency.

Introducing Route Companion Pro from Kelgray, taking a route schedule of up to 250 delivery stops from a back office planning or mobile job management application and optimising the route on the driver’s handheld mobile device. Remove the need for manually planning driver itineraries, with routes compared against SLAs (Service Level Agreements) as required, in order to keep customer satisfaction to the highest standard and delivery costs as low as possible.

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    Route Companion Pro is leading the way in transport and logistics technologies available on the market. This cutting edge product has proven results with delivery companies to dramatically save on fuel bills, help to deliver more each day and ultimately empower fleet operations. Taking into account time critical deliveries, Route Companion Pro can keep customers up to speed with live information, whilst on the road, such as current location, ETA and potential delays. Linking seamlessly with mobile workflow and back office planning applications, Route Companion Pro is the ultimate all in one optimisation solution for transport and logistics companies of all sizes!

    • ↓ 41% reduction in total time taken to deliver
    • ↓ 30% reduction in total distance travelled
    • ↑ 43% increase in deliveries per hour

    “Route Companion Pro is such a powerful tool that we are using exhaustively for both internal gains and improving customer satisfaction.” – Marcus Newport, Group IT Manager, Aspray24


    • ETA Accuracy
    • Driver Efficiency & Productivity
    • Field Worker/Driver Confidence & Adoption
    • Vehicle & Driver Safety
    • Deliveries Per Hour
    • Margin & Profit
    • Customer Satisfaction

    Modular Features…

    • Vehicle safety checks
    • Satellite navigation from ALK CoPilot or TomTom
    • On device route optimisation
    • Calls & texts
    • Sign on screen signature & photo capture for proof of delivery (POD)
    • Legal driver compliance
    • Driver behaviour & tracking
    • Vehicle restrictions

    “I have experienced the introduction of this type of system twice before with previous employers, but this has been the most painless experience of them all!” – Phil Sawyer, Hub Director, Aspray 24

    Further Modular Features…

    • Plan vehicle loads with back office application
    • Back office mapping for real-time location of vehicle or mobile worker
    • Central database outputs the load and delivery details to an in-cab device
    • Delivery details automatically posted to your website and optionally to a client email
    • Fully web hosted application for easy maintenance and accessibility without the need for new IT infrastructure
    • Subscription based charges – per vehicle, per month. No large capital outlay