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Two, Three or Four Sided Pallet Labelling

Concise pallet labelling ensures goods arrive and are accepted at their destination successfully and is a key part of production. So, whether it’s 2, 3 or even 4-sided pallet labelling that is required, Kelgray are a clear choice for leading manufacturers when it comes to pallet print and apply application, you only have to take a look at our impressive client list as confirmation.

We offer many business solutions when it comes to pallet labelling so if you need a little guidance then just call our expert team on 01293 518733 who are happy to discuss all the services we offer including multiple sided pallet labelling, standard one-sided pallet labelling, multiple height pallet labelling or even bespoke pallet labelling.

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    The Multiple Labelling Process:

    Kelgray’s pallet labelling solutions can automatically apply two labels on adjacent sides of a pallet with one pallet stop, in full compliance with GS1 standards.  Pallets requiring three labels require the pallet to be indexed forward prior to labelling. Pallets requiring all four sides to be labelled is an extremely rare requirement, however, can be achieved with two pallet labellers working in unison or a single solution with a 360-degree turntable.

    Why Choose a Multiple Sided Labelling System?

    All industries have different requirements and Kelgray’s pallet labelling solutions are designed to withstand these challenges.  Each pallet can be individually configured depending on the number of labels required giving you complete flexibility. The robust design is easily adaptable and can be suited to any industry from food & beverage to pharmaceutical.