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Standard One Sided Pallet Labelling

Save time and money while increasing employee productivity by introducing a pallet labelling system to your production line. With a rugged industrial design, our standard pallet labelling machine offers long term precision labelling to a single side of a pallet. Improve your supply chain traceability, reduce costs and speed up your production process with a pallet labelling machine from Kelgray.

Looking for further pallet labelling options? Take a look at our multiple sided pallet labelling or multiple height pallet labelling options for further information or alternatively give our friendly team a call on 01293 518733 to discuss the bespoke services that we can offer your business.

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    The Standard One Sided Pallet Labelling Process:

    Perhaps the most straightforward of our labelling machines, our standard labelling system applies a fully GS1 compliant label to a single side of the pallet.  This is then checked and verified by the barcode scanner to ensure there will be no delays further down the supply chain.

    Why Choose a Standard Pallet Labelling System:

    Kelgray’s pallet labelling solutions have a clean and modular design for easy use and safe operation. It can automatically apply labels on the front or adjacent side of a pallet, in full compliance with GS1 standards.  It can also easily adapt to secure multiple labels at varying heights and can also notify an operator when an incomplete pallet enters the production line, ensuring no label is missed at any part of the process. One machine, easy configuration, many possibilities.