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New Pallet Labelling Solution Launched

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    Kelgray is proud to present a new family of pallet labelling solutions, P6000. A flexible solution that gives you the possibility to label one or two sides of the pallet.
    Automated Pallet Labelling

    As the demand for more efficiency, productivity and traceability grows, the need for automatic pallet labelling systems increases. The P6000 offers a wide range of features built into two different enclosures of aluminium or stainless steel construction. It delivers a flexible, reliable, safe and easy to operate solution to ensure maximum productivity for many years to come, even in the harshest of industrial environments.
    Pallet labelling machine


    The innovative non-stick applicator pad easily handles standard label sizes, e.g. A5 and A6. Thanks to a unique design, the customer can easily change the turning direction of the applicator, giving you the flexibility to meet current and future requirements.


    With left and right handed versions available, the system can be optimized for operator convenience in every installation. RS232 & Ethernet interfaces and multiple configurable I/=’s make integration easy.


    The P6000 is equipped with a remote push-button panel for quick machine stop access and cabinet mounted sensors for preventing operator access to moving parts.


    Robust components ensure that labels are applied with perfect precision over and over again. With features like integrated check scanner we ensure that a pallet cannot move on until it has a fully readable barcode applied.